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GPS tracker used to locate production tool blocked by perpetrator with GPS jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/10/18

  Anything can be stolen - unfortunately, theft is negatively affecting one of the world's most important industries: agriculture. Not only is farm equipment critical to farm production, but it is also very expensive (and often time-consuming) to replace. There are often malicious industrial competitors who use GPS jammers to interfere with the GPS tracker used to locate the production tools themselves and then steal the production tools.

GPS tracker used to locate production tool blocked by perpetrator with GPS jammer

  A lost piece of farm equipment can reduce a farm's production capacity to dire levels, or cause them to miss critical dates in the planting or harvesting process, costing them more in the form of lost or damaged crops. With all of this in mind, protecting farm equipment is a top priority for the modern farmer.

  Tractor prices can easily exceed $100,000, but smaller items are also targeted. Think chemicals, which can be worth thousands of dollars, but are easily lost due to the simplicity of taking them away. Sometimes the device is stored in rural areas for years until the perpetrators decide it's safe to resell, but more often than not, it's shipped across the border to untraceable Mexico.

  Finding the installed car GPS tracker is also a good way to search slowly along the power line of the car. will provide you with a powerful signal jammer to keep hidden GPS tracking devices or spies from working.

  Therefore, owners of valuables often ensure these previous production tools, and insurance practitioners will install GPS location trackers for the safety of valuables. Receiving a text or email the moment a piece of equipment leaves your property gives you the best chance of preventing active theft by immediately contacting law enforcement and allowing them to intervene. If the person leaves, the GPS tracker will tell you where they went, allowing you to provide the location to law enforcement so they can track the device and retrieve it for you.