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Watch out for GPS Locator to Change into a Listening Device


  As long as the user needs it, everything in the car can be recorded through the APP.And this little black box is the gps locator.In this way, you can know the situation in the car at any time through the locator.The eavesdropper turned out to be a common GPS locator.

Watch out for GPS Locator to Change into a Listening Device

  And how can such a product be used for illegal eavesdropping? Searching through the Internet, there are not a few GPS locators that include remote listening functions, and some locators can not only perform remote listening, but also perform APP remote recording.It is widely used in car anti-theft and enterprise operation vehicle management.

  If this kind of GPS locator is used by criminals, our privacy will be exposed.Recently, a company in Beijing was eavesdropped because of its commercial secrets, and the company failed to bid and suffered heavy losses.So how can we prevent criminals from monitoring us through GPS locators? The best way is to find and remove the GPS locators illegally installed on our vehicles through GPS positioning detection equipment. However, these scenes we see in movies and TV are very likely to happen around.

  And in the product introduction, it is clearly written that it is recommended to install the locator near the driver's seat or other places with good radio effect and strong concealment. The meetings where companies discuss marketing plans are highly confidential, but no one thought that there was a small black box hidden under the seat.

  If you search carefully and still can't find it, search for a GPS jammers, install it after purchase, then you will no longer have to worry about being eavesdropped when you are within the range of the signal being shielded and interfered with. When it comes to eavesdropping, many people may first think of the plot of a spy war drama.

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