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The mobile phone jammer only targets mobile signals?

Can other electronic devices be used when the mobile phone jammer is running?


Mobile phone signal jammers on the market can now limit self-propelled transmitters to 500 meters away. The cut-off radius is adjustable. The mobile cell phone jammer only shields the mobile phone signal and will not affect other electronic devices. Energy saving. When the mobile phone jammer is working, it will disable the ability to send and receive mobile phone signals within a certain range. Can achieve the purpose of prohibiting incoming calls. It has many effects. Mobile phone communication has brought great convenience to people's lives. In special occasions such as laboratories, it is necessary to avoid violating etiquette through mobile communication. You must use wireless interference. Analyze how to effectively shield cell phone signals. The power must be turned off when the interfering device is not in use. Does not affect the normal use of the phone. It is recommended to use a multifunctional mobile phone jammer to ensure a large-area blocking effect.