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Stealing GPS locator

Perfectjammer 2022/10/17

  While serving us, GPS tracking gadgets inevitably violate our privacy to some extent. For example, no matter how loud or small the voice of the eavesdropper is, the monitored voice is as clear as calling the other party. On the one hand, we can easily get services from tracking devices. GPS locators can indeed be used for illegal monitoring.

Stealing GPS locator

  Moreover, some manufacturers and sellers also use the blind spot of supervision to more or less expressly imply their hidden functions in the sales promotion advertisements of some electronic products. In the APP interface of the device, there is also a "remote recording" button.GPS jammers are mainly used to block the signal, so it will interfere with the use of mobile phones.

  Why is this product so scary to think about? GPS trackers are widely used in private car anti-theft and enterprise vehicle management. As long as such a GPS locator is placed beside the eavesdropper, it is equivalent to placing a mobile phone to keep the call.

  However, when the GPS tracker is designed to be small and easy to hide, and can be listened to remotely, it changes the taste of the product.After it is activated, the conversation will be stored in the mobile phone.All sounds will be transmitted to the eavesdropper's mobile phone, or even recorded, and the eavesdropper will be unaware of what is happening.

  On the other hand, we also lose privacy, under the GPS tracking suite, people will easily find out what you look like, what you are doing, where you are going. A company was wiretapped because of its commercial secrets, the company failed to bid, and suffered heavy losses, and the wiretap turned out to be our common GPS locator. If you're tired of tracking events like this, come to www.perfectjammer.com and check out asignal jammer that will solve your problem.

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Box Type Five-ChannelMobile Phone Signal Jammer

Signal Jammer

8341CA-DE five-channel cassette power mobile phone signal jammers : 5-channel power mobile phone signal jammers cassette compact body beautiful, single output power of 20W. Plate- directional antenna , interference radius . Effective segmentation, only the downlink interference will not cause interference to the base station. Imported components , slow -start circuit design to avoid sparking phenomenon generated by mechanical switch , good job stability. Suitable for large-scale or small meeting room open area . CDMA / GSM 900, GSM 1800, 3G, (4G should be incorporated whenever required, will be an add on module in the existing system) Output of the frequency of average output power channel output power


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Cell Phone GPS WiFi Blocker 10 Bands

This is a great jammer!!! Each frequency band is controlled by a separate switch...

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