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What is the effect of anti tracking positioning GPS positioning shield

Jacob 2022/10/17

  In addition to GPS positioning, the positioning equipment on the car also has Beidou positioning and base station positioning.In this way, the real-time tracking function of the locator will be invalid, which can be said to be a simple and rude method.

What is the effect of anti tracking positioning GPS positioning shield

  When the GPS positioning jammer starts to work, it will cut off the signal sent by the locator on the car. Is a GPS jammers useful? You must know that the locator is just like a mobile phone.

  It needs to install a SIM card to receive and send information, so it has a certain frequency in the working state.How to make the GPS tracker installed on the vehicle fail? Using a GPS tracker is a good method, but you may have doubts.It is not a comfortable thing for everyone to have a GPS tracker installed in their car, and their whereabouts to be grasped by others at any time.

  If you want the vehicle not to be located, you should use GPS + Beidou + mobile phone full-band signal jammer to work.However, although GPS positioning jammers are theoretically useful, the effect of interference varies from device to device.

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