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How to hack a mobile radar jamer?

Has anyone been known to have successfully cracked this sophisticated instrument, a mobile radar jamer?

2021-01-23 at 09:30


Most mobile phones can be used, the length of time to crack depends on the quality of your mobile phone. ?? In fact, the method is very simple, enter your phone settings, click "Network Settings", change the network mode to "Manual Mode", then enter "Network Search", wait until the words "China Mobile" or "China Unicom" appear , Exit immediately. The phone will have a signal, but the length of anti-blocking time depends on the quality of the phone. ?? This method is suitable for most mobile phones. ?? In addition, the mobile cell phone jammer cannot shield the signal of "China Telecom", and the network of "China Telecom" can also be used. ?? I wish you all a happy use and good results! ! ??

Crack? ? There is no way to crack! ! People are swept over, the frequency band of the mobile phone is interfered, unless your mobile phone is other frequency. (For example, using a dedicated frequency for aircraft air traffic control, no one dares to block this frequency)

There are many key places to prohibit the use of mobile phones, such as trade secret enterprises, key conference halls, government departments, and key enterprises and other industries where key information must be strictly maintained. Protection equipment is usually installed in such places, and cell phone jammers are used to help prohibition. on the phone. Not only that, with the popularization of smart phones, more and more places will install mobile phone signal jammers, on the one hand, to better maintain the security of information, not to better mobile phones, but also to ensure Discipline in this kind of place, but hang a better Huanpei Installed a mobile phone screen in the library to bring you better reading articles. Huanpei's conference hall is equipped with a mobile phone exhibition alliance to ensure the confidentiality of the meeting content and information It is not easy to be cut off by the mobile phone ringtone.