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Can mobile jammers really prevent the transmission of information?

Many people seriously doubt that mobile phone jammers can completely interrupt the signal?

2021-04-18 at 10:30


In the information age, radio wave suppressors are mobile phones that have become an important and indispensable tool for people's lives and daily work. However, the proliferation of mobile phones has also caused some obvious problems first! The new leak channel poses a threat to the security of sensitive information from mobile cell phone jammer. With the development of science and technology, mobile location tracking and surveillance have become the most important tools in the field of reconnaissance and intelligence sources. Therefore, the mobile phone jammer is caused by a leak in a certain country/region, where there are mobile phones in secret locations, and as long as it is on standby for a long time, it is likely to cause serious harm to units, individuals, and political parties. Because it is on standby. It will interfere with the normal working sequence, which is a new source of mobile interference noise. With the popularity of mobile phones, the environment used in meeting rooms, courts, libraries, schools and other places has further deteriorated. The noise and serious atmosphere generated by mobile phones affect people's normal work performance and destroy people's peace.