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The mobile phone jammer mentioned on the Internet can block the mobile phone signal, but how to make the jammer stop working

Some jammers are always reported on the Internet, but it has never been said how these devices are stopped working?

2020-12-12 at 10:30


As you will see, cell phone jammer technology is a very complicated matter. There are several ways to block cell phone signals and other wireless signals, but explaining them here may take a lot of time. What you only need to understand and understand is that no cell phone jammer of any kind can work on one frequency, but on the entire frequency band, so to make it invalid, you need to interfere with the entire frequency band. To disable the jammer, the only thing you can do is to use another jammer working in the same frequency band to create interference between them. If you don't mute all other devices in the same frequency range (such as mobile phones, etc.), you cannot disable it. Therefore, please visit our reliable jammer store and purchase the jammer that needs to be deactivated.