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what are jammers cannot be blocked by mobile blockers?

Recently, I have been thinking about the different signal frequency bands in each country, so if I use mobile phones in other countries, can I still be blocked by mobile blocker?

2021-01-26 at 09:30


There are two commonly used methods for shielding signals. The first is the same-frequency interference method, which is to use the instrument to generate a frequency signal that is the same as the commonly used transmit and receive frequency bands of mobile phones to interfere with the normal transmission and reception of mobile phones. To escape the interference of this frequency, the mobile phone you use must be higher or lower than the interference frequency of the what are jammers, such as an amateur walkie-talkie. The second method uses physical shielding, which is to shield the entire room with a metal plate built-in method, just like a small metal shielded house where a hospital radiology operator hides. For this shielding method, all 'S communication tools are powerless

At present, the frequency band of mobile phones is between 800-2200, and mobile what are jammers are produced to shield mobile phone signals. Therefore, it is impossible to use ordinary mobile phones to prevent mobile cell phone jammer. Just like a cat and a mouse, a cat is born to catch a mouse.You ask how a mouse can prevent it from being caught by a cat, unless the mouse is as big as a dog.