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GPS signals can be blocked using vehicle tracker signal blocker

Perfectjammer 2021-01-22

Vehicle Tracker Signal Blocker

In order to avoid the company's monitoring of their speeding behavior, taxi drivers installed GPS jammers on their cars. This morning, the reporter took a taxi in Tongnan. When the vehicle drove to Binjiang Road, my brother suddenly took out an MP3-like thing from the storage box of the vehicle and inserted it into the cigarette lighter. The reporter was curious. When asked what it was, my brother told reporters mysteriously that this is a GPS jammer and its purpose is the vehicle tracker signal blocker. The company's monitoring platform can only see the location of the car, but the speed is zero.

This brother also told reporters that he bought this gps jammer from the Internet for 60 yuan, mainly to avoid the company’s monitoring of his speed. Now many taxi drivers in Tongnan use this thing. When the road conditions are good or when running a long distance, the drivers will take this jammer out and install it in the car. Use the transmitted signal to interfere and shield the signal of the GPS monitoring system, so that the GPS positioning system only displays the location of the vehicle and cannot monitor its real speed.

"Are you not afraid of being caught by the traffic police?" Faced with reporters' doubts, this brother said confidently, "As long as you meet the traffic police for inspection, you can quickly take it down and hide it, as long as you don't catch it. Not afraid of the current situation."

Subsequently, the reporter reported this situation to the local traffic patrol police. According to the traffic patrol police, according to Article 38 of the “Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Road Transport Vehicle Dynamics” issued by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Work Safety, “I According to the regulations, if there are any of the following circumstances, the road transport management agency at or above the county level shall order corrections and impose a fine of 2,000 yuan up to 5,000 yuan: (1) Damage to the satellite positioning device and malicious persons to interfere with the vehicle tracker signal blocker and block satellite positioning Device signals; (2) Forging, tampering with, or deleting vehicle dynamic monitoring data."

The local traffic patrol detachment stated that it will increase the investigation and punishment of illegal passenger cars, strictly investigate the illegal use of GPS jammers in taxis, and cooperate with transportation and other departments to conduct joint law enforcement with passenger transportation companies to regularly check GPS monitoring and management.

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