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Recording mobile phone jammer to prevent eavesdropping

Perfectjammer 2021-04-19

With the development of new high technology, many products adopt micro design, especially in some mobile electronic products, especially recording equipment, which are made smaller and smaller. The smaller the product to be hidden, the easier it is to hide it. On the other hand, if there are criminals who want to record you, eavesdrop on your information, and then edit and spread it, it will be a particularly dangerous thing. Advances in science and technology have made GPS trackers, bugs, and voice recorders more and more powerful. They are easier to hide in the design, making it difficult for you to find them. They can exist in your home car or in a company. They can transmit all your information to the person who installed it, and your privacy is violated.

Nowadays, small recording equipment can be placed anywhere in the meeting room, and it is difficult to find their location, because they can be hidden in the soil of the flower pot, under the lampshade of the table lamp, under the table of the meeting room and you can’t imagine Any other place. You are always in danger of voice leaks, important meeting content being overheard, and business contracts being overheard. In this situation,

The recording cell phone jammer is the best way to solve the recording problem. When you want to do something important to yourself, you can use it to ensure the safety of your surroundings. It can protect you from eavesdropping and secret recording in the office or at home.

The threat of recording comes not only from the voice recorder, but also the mobile phone is also a serious object for recording. Nowadays, the mobile phone almost never leaves the body. You can't imagine turning on the recording device when the mobile phone is buckled. If some people with ulterior motives open the mobile phone recording software during a meeting, there is a high possibility that there will be a risk of leaking the content of the meeting. Therefore, you need a recording jammer to handle it. Using recording mobile jammer, you can better protect your information security and privacy.

The recording mobile phone jammer emits ultrasonic waves with random noise that cannot be perceived by the human ear. When the mobile phone and other digital devices are recording, these noises and the sound of normal conversation are recorded into the digital device, making the recorded audio invalid. The noisy ultrasonic noise is randomly generated and cannot be restored, so the audio after being disturbed cannot be restored. The recording mobile phone jammer is only effective for mobile phones and other digital products, and has no interference to people. Because the human body does not receive ultrasonic waves, it does not affect normal conversation and communication, and it is even impossible to detect that the recording mobile phone jammer is working.