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Mobile phone jammer has a unique frequency switch

Perfectjammer 2021/4/19

Mobile phone jammers have been widely used in this field. The applications that we are familiar with in life are mainly used in schools and school classrooms. Desktop jammers are installed in classrooms or opened in important exams to prevent this This phenomenon. Cheating on mobile phones. It also plays an important role in our army. The use of such shielding equipment to disrupt enemy communications is an important strategic measure.

With the popularization of smart phones, mobile phone abuse has become more and more serious, causing serious electronic pollution and noise pollution to the society. This behavior seriously affects people's living order and good living habits. In order to prevent this phenomenon, mobile cell phone jammer have gradually entered people's lives, not only in important places such as schools, prisons, and courts, but also commonly used in homes and outdoors. You're right. If you are worried about using the mobile network at home, then buying a high-quality cell phone jammer is the right choice.

The principle of a mobile phone jammer is to make the two signals collide and cancel each other by sending out the same frequency signal type and mobile phone frequency, so that the device cannot distinguish the signal frequency correctly, thus blocking the communication between the mobile phones. Two devices. Simple devices only block one set of frequencies. High-end equipment can block all frequencies at the same time. Mobile phones are full-duplex devices, which means they use two different frequencies. Advanced cell phone jammers can not only destroy all cell phone signals, but also many other signals. It also has a unique frequency switch that can be selected according to needs.