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Why not install an aircraft jammer?

Holloway D. Apr 16, 2020 18:30

If the phone on the table is next to the computer, and every time the phone exchanges, you can hear the speaker ’s static noise coming from the computer. Similarly, whenever there is a mobile phone in the car, the car cassette player will also emit static noise.

When I use a cordless phone at home to make a call, you can hear the dial tone through the baby monitor. When the truck passes through its citizen radio band, I often listen to the FM radio broadcast. Most people have encountered this situation because the reason is The engine emits static radio or television noise.

install aircraft jammer

Technically, these things should not happen. For example, trucks are not citizen broadcast bands on the FM broadcast band, so I should not hear citizen band broadcast signals. However, all transmitters can make the harmonics of the next frequency band (in the electronic transmission of signals above or below the next frequency band refer to the modulation baseband support section.) Transmit at a lower power, therefore, the FM broadcast received a Civil band. The same thing happens with cordless phones through baby monitors. Similar to the principle of the gps jammer, these radios transmit and receive information at a specific frequency. If someone turns on the mobile phone, the mobile phone will emit a lot of energy (up to 3 watts). If it happens to interfere with the frequency of the past aircraft. Overlapping, this will confuse messages between people and computers. If the plane ’s protective layer is disconnected, its line may look like your computer ’s speaker after receiving a telephone signal,

It is the same reason when the jammer takes off and landed on the laptop and CD player, but this time may come out, consider "not afraid of 10,000, just be afraid." A poorly shielded laptop may transmit a lot of RF energy at work In theory, it will cause problems.