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Pocket GPS jammer to avoid tracking

Perfectjammer 2021-03-18

It provides a lot of convenience for people's travel. In order to ensure that the driver only performs work-related tasks at work, a tracker is installed on each car so that the taxi can be clearly understood. A taxi company in Australia wanted to know the real-time information of taxis and installed GPS tracking equipment, but this move attracted the attention of many drivers, including a person who used the device to avoid tracking his location The pocket gps jammer blocks the tracking signal transmission.

We often see the use of GPS trackers in movies, mainly for police tracking criminals. In some cases, criminals will secretly install to track targets. In real life, there are many examples of using tracking devices. For example, taxi companies will install GPS trackers on their cars in order to understand the dynamics of cars, and long-distance trucks will install this tracker. Some drivers use miniature GPS jammers to block tracking signals to avoid such tracking.