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Mobile jammers sanctioned in the United States

Perfectjammer 2021-03-21

An American school deployed a cell phone jammer to prevent cell phones from getting into trouble after being suspended in class. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will impose a fine of US$25,000 on the product marketing company based in London-based perfectjammer.com. It may also begin to take action on clothing purchased from its products, including the deployment of the product by American Beauty Schools to keep phones quiet in the classroom.

Although the company claims that it does not intend to sell such products in the United States because these products are still illegal, the FCC pointed out that you may be linked to US prices, and that the company's cell phone jammers target US cellular phones and PCS frequencies. On November 9, 2009, the FCC received a complaint from AT&T regarding interference from mobile phones in the 800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands. Staff at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Texas field office traced the problem to the Career Center in Carrollton, Texas, and found a 5W cell phone jammer at the site.

The mobile phone jammer has been handed over to the Federal Reserve, and the Fed also found a copy of the invoice sent by e-mail on April 21, 2009.” Obviously, the 5W mobile phone jammer in the business center is still available for purchase at a price of $395. Two antennas, the interference radius is 2-25m, and can block PCS, GSM and CDMA signals between 850MHz and 2100MHz.