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What is the relationship between GPS jammers and thieves?

Perfectjammer 2020-10-12

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Today, people are discussing the relationship between thieves and car GPS jammers. GPS jammers make it impossible for devices to view them. They are both useful and dangerous. And you know that many countries have banned other jammers. Before using a jammer, you must know that your country/region prohibits the use of blocking devices, because we know that having such a device can be dangerous, which is very important. If the authorities catch you, you will have a little trouble. For jammers, it is easy to get them. Even if you live in a country where the use of shielding devices is prohibited, you can buy car gps jammer directly from the Internet. This is one of the main reasons thieves get them, especially car thieves.

This small box is made in China and can be purchased on the counter at an attractive price: about sixty euros! Thanks to him, we were able to discover modern cars, real sieves, and cars. Detailed information François Tarrain, reporter for the Auto Plus editorial staff. The principle of operation is simple: you can lock your car while the thief presses the remote control at the same time, and then stay safe! never mind. The door is no longer closed. Therefore, it is necessary to manually check whether the door is properly locked. During the test, 8 out of 10 cars were trapped.

The "car lock jammer" is a signal jammer. The electromagnetic jammer transmits electromagnetic waves to remote control the car to make the vehicle in a "false lock" state. The power range of the jammer can be limited to a small parking space, while other interference ranges Can be extended to surrounding areas. The jammer is a jammer, which is mainly composed of a chip composed of a radio transmitter. When the owner presses the remote control key to lock the door, it interferes with the same transmission frequency and interferes with the remote control signal receiver of the car electronic lock, rather than automatic The servo lock control (the owner of the lock) will hear a "click" sound, but the door is not actually locked. For the owner who mistakenly thought the door was locked (actually the door was not locked), the suspect left Open the door that implements the security door.

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