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Sell ​​various jammers

Grant Jonathan H. July 05, 2020 10:30

perfectjammer specializes in the production and sale of high-quality signal jammers, and provides jammers for a wide range of military applications. Drone jammers include portable, desktop, suitcase, briefcase and car models, which can be used for various purposes. Other models include bomb jammers, designed to protect vehicles from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), prison jammers to help protect areas, remote jammers to remove remote control equipment, and various Wi-Fi and global mobile system (GSM) Jammers to resolve wireless and GSM signals.

perfectjammer provides a series of special jammers designed to disrupt the remote control (RC) or global positioning system (GPS) signals of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) unmanned aerial vehicles/quadros. Most high-end, commercial 3km-5km drones/four-axis drones use only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and GPS L1. The maximum length that all other drones can control at 5.8GHz, 433MHz, 928MHz is 500m to 1,000 between m.

We provide reliable wireless technology equipment and guarantee reliable operation and stability. Prison portable jammer are created for prisons and other large sensitive locations (such as military or government compound). They can also be used in military units, security and secret services, oil and gas storage facilities and fields, and museums. When necessary, jammers can be used to prevent indoor telephone communication.

The portable briefcase radio controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED) jammer is a broadband portable jamming system that protects VIPs and citizens from radio controlled improvised explosions by disabling radio explosive control signals in hazardous areas.

Briefcase jammers will emit radio frequency (RF) interference and create “RF protection zones” around objects (or groups of objects in the area) to prevent remote activation of bombs via RF control (cell/mobile device activation, RC and other All kinds of radio equipment)) have a sufficient interference safety radius in the vicinity to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

People who interfere with vehicles and briefcases also monitor police and government agencies, security forces, VIPs and VIPs, checkpoints and border crossings, roadblocks and embassies. The jammer can provide various models according to frequency and output power, but can also be customized according to user requirements.