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Strong demand for jammers

Landy Mark C. August 24, 2020 10:30

Selectively block phone signals in highly confidential locations such as businesses and institutions. Open some signal areas. You may need to turn off traffic lights in certain areas. In the small market, smart phone jammers are in high demand. This market cannot be ignored. Shielding must be done to ensure correct operation. You really need to learn more about jammers. In a market economy, various jammers have different prices. Without quality assurance, you can directly buy cheap things. It is recommended to know the latest situation of mobile jammers.

In recent years, we often use drones. I bought this product for "I want to try a stylish drone", not for commercial use. It is easier to maintain height and easier to maneuver. It is driven by the remote control. Does this portable jammer know its frequency? 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz are the two most common frequencies used by drones. Connect the transmitter to the drone through these frequencies. There are different types.

For safety management, we will introduce peeping detection machines in the hotel. This is a way to improve management. Improve the level of warranty management. We ensure the safety of personal privacy. This is a very reliable product. Even if the voyeur camera is cleverly hidden, as long as you can intercept the radio waves, you can check the presence of the voyeur camera. Remember, the phone jammer can be made by yourself to ensure the safety of life. Strong electromagnetic environment must be avoided to ensure blocking effect and long-term stable operation. When not using the mobile jammer, turn off the power in time. When used outdoors, waterproofing is very important. Do not disassemble the antenna when operating the deterrent, so as not to affect the shielding effect. The actual shielding range may vary depending on the location of use. The effective blocking area is a circular area centered on the mouthwash.