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Mobile Jammer Violates Personal Privacy

Perfectjammer 2020-11-20

handheld jammer

Recordings from the field of personal life: Secret recordings are not allowed, and in some cases they will even be punished. The Criminal Code includes taking pictures of people in "a room that is specially protected from being inspected." These include, for example, changing rooms or school toilets. Making such recordings accessible to third parties (for example, sharing them via messaging applications or posting them on the Internet) is also punished, and now emerging cell phone jammer can easily solve the recording problem.

In a campus or classroom, the situation is different: they are not particularly protected rooms. However, this applies to own photos here. It said that if the photos or videos are clearly visible, their permission must be obtained. The right to own photos dictates whether such photos or recordings can be posted on, for example, social networks. In addition, cell phone jammers can be used to block network signals, which can also indirectly prevent the upload of pictures. Even unsolicited photography or shooting can interfere with the general privacy of the person depicted. Who needs to ask a child (ie a minor) depends on whether a person thinks the child has been able to see the consequences of his consent. During class, the school often asks parents and students questions. You can find more information about your photo rights under "More Information" at the end of the text.

When using a mobile phone to record, you need to consider a similar matter: the confidentiality of words. Anyone who uses the device to record "non-public words" may be prosecuted. Therefore, you should ask for permission when trying to record a conversation. Non-public words can not only include conversations and situations that are described as confidential in spoken language. A conversation in a school class can also be counted as a conversation, because from a legal point of view, a teacher (or student) in the class will talk to a set of defined recipients. These recipients are in this situation The following has not yet been made public. Therefore, secretly recording the recordings of school courses may be a criminal offence. This will happen if you put the recording on the Internet. Copyright comes into play. Self-made videos or photos can be automatically protected as works in the case of creative achievements, otherwise at least they can be protected as “moving images” or “photos”. In this way, you have the right to it, and usually you are not allowed to continue to use it without asking. However, if you use a third-party mobile phone jammer, you may also infringe the rights of others. For example, if music is played in the background of a video, in many cases this will not be protected by copyright and will cause the video to be blocked on YouTube or other platforms. More information on this can also be found at the end of this article.

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