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Cell Phone Jammer Interrupts The Spread Of Pornography

Perfectjammer 2020-11-18

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The laws and regulations regarding criminal content in this area are diverse. For the purposes of this article, it is important to understand that the distribution or transfer of this content to minors is prohibited. This also applies to transfers between minors. Except for child pornography, possession of such content is generally not prohibited. However, in some cases, "stock" may constitute a criminal offense. If you feel that your self-control is relatively poor, you can use a mobile cell phone jammer to prevent yourself from opening the network.

Description of violence

According to the "Criminal Code", the description of crimes of violence includes content that glorifies, demeans or depicts cruel or inhuman violence or "in a way that violates human dignity." Among other things, it is prohibited to provide to minors or allow minors to contact them. For example, among these forbidden depictions of violence, it is easy to figure out a "happy shot" video in which an unsuspecting victim is beaten, tortured or otherwise insulted. In addition to actual behavior, recording a video and providing it only to minors or to others in any way may also constitute a criminal offence. In addition, the use of cell phone jammers generally prohibits the public offering of these contents, for example by posting them on the Internet.


The Criminal Law provides for the “distribution of pornographic works”, in which the content on data storage media such as memory cards or smart phones is also regarded as “text”. Prohibition of dissemination includes, among other things, providing or providing pornographic content to minors. According to lawyers, this includes, for example, displaying this content to others on the screen of a mobile phone. As far as the content of the criminal law is concerned, what is exactly "pornographic" cannot be generalized here. The decision issued by the Federal Supreme Court to use cell phone jammers to prevent the spread of pornographic videos, websites, and pictures. This is understood to mean at least "seriously putting the sexual process in the foreground, ignoring other human references, and specifically or mainly targeting the performance of sexual stimuli."


For inflamed content, among other things, it is prohibited to provide or provide. The Criminal Code specifically includes content that calls for hatred against certain groups, for example, based on their religious or ethnic background, their "ethnic blood" or hatred of individual members of these groups.

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