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Location and method of installing mobile phone jammers

Perfectjammer 2021-04-02

That is, the hallway cell phone jammer for mobile phones are installed at equidistant positions on each floor, or they can be installed on the ceiling of the hallway or the top of the ceiling (if any), or on the side walls of the hallway. The wall-mounted method can be used, and the installation height of the mobile phone signal shield is generally 1.8-2.5 meters. The mobile plugs installed in each corridor, taking into account the influence of the signal attenuation of the building walls, the coverage of the signal mask 3-4 (depending on the size of the room and the location near the base station.)

This method of "honeycomb layer installation layer by layer" is suitable for the architectural structure of "central corridor, on both sides of the room", and it is also suitable for the architectural structure of "the outer edge of the corridor, the face of a room". The installation method is simple and practical, which is convenient for future maintenance and overhaul. Since all mobile phone jammers are installed indoors, there is no need to take special lightning protection measures.

The number of mobile phone jammers can be saved, and the mobile phone jammer can be used to the maximum to effectively protect the viewpoint. Under permitted conditions (the area of ​​the building itself, the place where the signal is not strong, the structure of the building wall is open), it can be one A "step-by-step" and "dislocation" installation method, that is, when selecting the upper and lower levels, the installation positions of the signal protection devices of the mobile phone are misaligned with each other, showing an "X"-shaped layout. This method is suitable for the "middle hallway, rooms on both sides" of the building structure, and it is also suitable for the construction structure of "outer hallway, one-sided house".