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Wide coverage of mobile phone jammers with omnidirectional antennas

Perfectjammer 2021-04-01

According to the characteristics of the full-signal transmitting antenna, it can be vaguely seen that the antenna signal coverage area of ​​the entire antenna is centered on a sphere, but in fact, the signal transmission antennas at both ends of the antenna's extension line are the weakest areas. To maximize the signal coverage radius of the antenna, try to prevent the antenna from facing the area to be protected. For example, when an omnidirectional antenna is installed perpendicular to the air, the antenna shielding layer around the signal transmission area is located in the farthest area, and the sky above the ground and facing downward from the antenna is the weakest area in this area.

Similarly, if the coverage of the mobile cell phone jammer is too wide when using an omnidirectional antenna, you can adjust the antenna appropriately toward the antenna pointing to the undesired shielded area, and then point out the shielded signal area corresponding to the antenna. When the actual environment is the most accurate shielding, and there is no need for a shielding area in the shielding or the area surrounding the shielding, it is recommended to use a directional antenna, which can transmit shielded signals to a certain area relatively concentratedly. One piece, a directional antenna pointing to the area. This area can protect the farthest signal transmission. It should be noted that there are still a small amount of areas on both sides and behind the directional antenna covered by the protection signal.