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Diy Cell Phone Jammer Circuit

Perfectjammer 2021/09/26

Before leaving the house, he looked back at the phone left on the desk. In fact, even if it is not at home, the mobile phone is of no use to him: it must not be turned on during the test, and there is an electronic instrument called " Diy Cell Phone Jammer Circuit " on the spot to monitor the test room at all times: as long as there is a mobile phone in a certain range, This signal receiving device will make noises or vibrations. Zhang Hao is not clear. According to the original intent of the Ministry of Education, the device responsible for monitoring the college entrance examination examination room should be an instrument called a "mobile phone jammer." In the last month when Zhang Hao was nervously preparing for the exam, this kind of instrument even caused an uproar in public opinion, and the relevant controversy continues to this day. cell phone jammer Is there any radiation? Will it affect people's health? The fierce controversy from the media caused this familiar instrument to be "emergencyly stopped" before the college entrance examination. But when the dust has not yet settled, the relevant radio management department has stood up and stated: At present, almost all mobile phone jammers on the market are illegally produced, and users are suspected of "illegal use"!

Illegal production, illegal sales, illegal installation. The Director of the Radio Management Office summarized the market status of Diy Cell Phone Jammer Circuit in this way. He told reporters that the state banned the use of mobile phone jammers in general places. Examination rooms, hospitals, meeting rooms, gas stations, meeting rooms, etc. are all included. "At present, the installation of mobile phone signals must meet two conditions at the same time: one is to obtain a secret-related site approved by the State Secrecy Bureau; the other is to be approved by the State Radio Administration (local enterprises can apply to local relevant administrative departments). It can be understood that, Only after obtaining the approval of the Bureau of Secrecy, can it be reviewed by the No. Office. Therefore, most of the mobile jammers in use in the society are installed privately, that is, illegally installed.” The reporter later learned that even the Longgang District Secrecy Bureau. The "secrecy" unit was also ordered to remove the mobile phone signal jammer because it did not get the approval of the relevant department.