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Perfectjammer 2022/01/10

In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of postgraduate examinations, Tianjin held a postgraduate examination safety work conference in the city in mid-December. This year, Tianjin has taken a series of measures to pay close attention to examination management, take examinations seriously, crack down on cheating and the use of Block Number Boost Cell Phone , and ensure the safety and fairness of examinations. One is to strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the examination environment. Before the test, the market supervision, environmental protection and comprehensive law enforcement departments cooperate to clean up and rectify the training institutions involved in the test, and investigate and deal with illegal acts such as the sale of electronic products used for test cheating. During the examination, the public security organs and the non-commissioned committee will closely monitor the electromagnetic environment around the examination center, locate and find the radio signals suspected of cheating in the examination in time, and severely crack down on illegal activities such as the use of radio equipment to organize cheating; the communication management and network supervision departments will adopt effective technology means to prevent and prevent lawbreakers from disseminating test questions and answers through mobile phones and the Internet. The second is to strengthen the construction of standardized test centers. High-definition real-time video surveillance systems have been installed in all test centers and secret rooms of test areas in the city, and the four-level networking of the Ministry of Education, the Municipal Higher Admissions Office, test areas, and test centers has been realized. At the same time, each test center is equipped with high-tech anti-cheating instruments such as Cell Phone Jammer , cheating grams, metal detectors, and second-generation ID card identification devices. This year, each test center has also added face recognition verification equipment to strictly prevent cheating such as taking the test.

The third is to strengthen the internal management of the examination room. Each test center combines air defense and technical defense, strengthens the security check of candidates entering the venue and installs Block Number Boost Cell Phone to prevent candidates from taking the test or bringing high-tech cheating tools such as mobile phones into the examination room. During the test period, all wireless networks on the campus of the test center will be closed, and the warning area around the test center and the restricted area where unrelated vehicles are prohibited will be expanded. Fourth, strengthen the training, education and management of examination staff. Ensure strict implementation of procedures, standardize the implementation of examinations, optimize service measures, and create a good examination environment. The Municipal Higher Admissions Office reminds the majority of candidates: cheating in exams has been punished, and one's life will be ruined by self-examination. Candidates are requested to earnestly strengthen their legal concepts, conduct examinations with integrity, and maintain the fairness and justice of national education examinations. Tianjin will continue to adhere to the attitude of "discovering one, strictly investigating one" and "zero tolerance", and seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in examination and admissions, so as to create a good examination environment for candidates.