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How To Block Outgoing Cell Phone Call Improves Employee Concentration

Perfectjammer 2022/3/12

An efficient workforce is critical to a company's operations. Employers should take care when recruiting workers within their organization. There is another factor that affects a company's success rate. This is the working environment of the company. Cell phones are the reason why the office can't concentrate. An efficient way to fix this is to use How To Block Outgoing Cell Phone Call . Many companies have strict rules about the use of phones. But it has no effect. Using the Smart Cell Phone Jammer is a smart move. Improve employee motivation and focus. Phone distractions help a lot in business and other areas of life. You can block wireless signals from cell phones in the area. Before that, it was mainly used only for government and defense purposes.

The wireless signal can vary greatly from one location to another in the same room and from time to time. According to practical experience, it can reach about 10dBm, and the conversion success rate differs by 10 times. It can be seen that wireless signal shielding is actually a project with high technical requirements, and it is not a simple solution that can be solved by purchasing How To Block Outgoing Cell Phone Call self-installation. Site investigation, power calculation, construction design, and equipment debugging are all complementary and inseparable. Prison authorities have purchased and installed hundreds of cell phone jammers. From a professional point of view, this is a big problem in itself. When wireless signal shielding is required in a large-area complex environment, a high-gain antenna should be used, with large-area shielding and small-area leakage. Point to the indoor antenna to supplement the optimized shielding method,