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Perfectjammer 2021/11/02

In the application for the examination, the sixth national census, which began at the end of last year, became the highlight of the examination. Almost all the questions were developed around the census materials. The materials given include the basic information that the census needs to know, the increase in the floating population of urban and rural residents, and the serious imbalance between men and women. The composition requires candidates to use "family status" as the topic and talk about the state's social conditions and public opinions. In the morning administrative vocational aptitude test, examinees generally report that the number of questions is large, Cell Phone Car Holder Sun Blocker can't finish it. In the test center of Central South Forestry University, the examinee Xiao Chen said that the overall test questions are not difficult, but the types of questions such as graphs and charts, mathematical calculations, and quantitative relationships have a certain degree of difficulty, especially calculation questions that have a large amount of calculation. cell phone jammer

This year is the "Honesty Examination Publicity Year" in our province. Before the start of the test, each candidate received a text message reminder of the integrity test from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security on his mobile phone. According to the person in charge of the Provincial Personnel Examination Institute, a number of measures have been taken this year to prevent fraud in written examinations. The first is the Provincial Citizen Information Bureau to check the candidates’ ID cards on site to prevent the phenomenon of taking the test; the second is to configure a radio signal car to search for radio signals around the examination room, and immediately interfere with them and implement on-site arrests when found; the third is to place Cell Phone Car Holder Sun Blocker in the examination room, Prevent candidates from passing on information; the fourth is to increase the intensity of invigilation and strengthen manpower to patrol the examination room. In addition, candidates are not allowed to submit their papers in advance for this year's exam, and they must leave the exam room uniformly after the examination time for the subject is over. This is also to prevent candidates who hand in papers in advance from leaking exam questions during the exam.