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Influencing factors of mobile phone signal jammer in indoor and outdoor

Perfectjammer 2020-12-21

signal cellphone jammer

Under what environment can the cell phone jammer be installed and the effect is better, why sometimes the cell phone jammer installed does not work, or the effect is poor? In fact, it comes down to the environment around you using the cell phone signal jammer. In terms of cell phone signal jammer installation technology, the following elements must be considered: 1. Comprehensive factors during indoor shielding: 1. Think about the horizontal area of ​​the shielded area and the air product; 2. Think about the floor height of the shielded area or calculated from the sky Vertical vertical height; 3. It is necessary to consider the decoration materials of the house and the shielding effect of the building materials itself; 4. It is necessary to consider whether the source signal enhancement measures or secondary amplification have been adopted indoors; 5. It is necessary to consider indoor metal and non-metal 6. It is necessary to think about whether the transmitting frequency of the existing wireless equipment in the room can cause mutual interference of the same frequency; 7. It is necessary to think about the ability of anti-interference interference and the safety interval of the existing fine instrument equipment in the room; 8 、 Need to think about the isolation status and orientation of house windows, doors and windows;

Comprehensive factors for outdoor cell phone blocker: 1. Consider before installation in open and non-empty areas: 2. The ability of the repeater to affect the cell phone jammer when transmitting strong electromagnetic signals horizontally and vertically; 3. Blocker The influence of the interval and antenna selection on the repeater signal can be compared with the antenna selection; 4. The isolation wall and debris can block the repeater’s signal; 5. Stray objects and non-moving solid barriers can affect the mobile Phone jammer’s radio wave obstruction ability; 6. Interval TV tower, military radio tower, aircraft navigation system and other large-scale strong radio magnetic field resistance and avoidance feasibility analysis; various environmental factors will lead to the use of mobile phone signal jammers The effect will fade away. And today's cell phone jammers all use the technology that does not affect the uplink (base station), which will not affect the use of peripheral personnel to use mobile phones, but it also improves the environmental requirements of mobile signal jammers.

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