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How to make the mobile phone signal jammer signal stronger

Perfectjammer 2020-12-25

cell phone jammer

The mobile phone signal jammer is to shield the mobile phone from receiving the signal of the base station, it will attenuate when encountering obstacles. If it is a solid reinforced concrete wall, the attenuation will be very large after penetration; if it is made of plasterboard, the attenuation should be smaller; if it is made of glass or wood, there is basically not much attenuation. Today, the e-master tells you how to transfer the mobile phone signal The cell phone jammer signal becomes stronger.

Step 1: Take a used can and clean it, pull out the ring

Step 2: Perform ring cutting on the bottom of the tank as shown in the figure to remove the entire bottom, and the cut bottom is unnecessary

The third step: ring-cut the top of the tank, be careful not to cut it all, leave the 1-2 cm part without cutting and the 1-2 cm part left must be close to the can mouth

Step 4: Draw a red line vertically on the reverse side and cut off the iron sheet along the middle of the red line

Step 5: Slowly spread out the cut iron sheet into a fan shape

Step 6: Put the finished fan-shaped iron shell on the antenna of Texin mobile phone signal jammer. If there are many antennas, we can make 2-3 identical iron shells.

Due to the limited material, we only made one iron sheet. It would be better to make 2-3 pieces. After doing this, install the mobile phone signal jammer and fix it on the wall, so that the transmission effect is doubled and the penetration effect is stronger.

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