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mobile phone jammers are recommended to be used in large places

Perfectjammer 2021-02-09

According to the latest data, the number of people watching movies in cinemas is increasing, and the box office is gradually increasing. Some internationally good movies play several games almost every day. Movies have become an important way for people to enjoy leisure and entertainment. I also often go to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster movies, but every time I go to the movies, especially when I am tired of some people in the cinema, the voices are loud when they call, which seriously affects my viewing experience, which makes me very angry. So I decided to buy mobile cell phone jammer online to prevent this behavior.

Before buying, you need to know the signal to be shielded. Normal (234 g) is used to selectively shield the signal. If you only have a 23 g block or only a 34 g block, you can adjust before the signal disappears. In addition, 2.4 G WIFI , 5.8G WIFI, VHF, UHF frequency band. Regarding the use of shielded places, if it is used in indoor places, it is generally suitable for mobile phone jammers such as inspection rooms, conference rooms, and office places. Gas stations need to use explosion-proof and heat-resistant; if the outside is an open area, it must be in use Power the mobile phone signal jammer to reach the proper distance.

The outside of the shielding layer is an external antenna and a built-in antenna. Basically, the external antenna is not inside the antenna, and it is outside, so it is a bit larger than the built-in antenna; because the antenna is extended, the external antenna is more stable. The shielding can generally be divided into low power, medium power, and between 3W and 100W, and it is generally not recommended to usemobile phone jammers, because it will seriously interfere with the transmission of base station signals and also have a certain degree of damage to the human body. radiation.