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Perfectjammer 2021/08/28

Statistics show that there are about 120,000 gas stations in my country. Among them, the layout of "two barrels of oil" outlets is about 52,000, accounting for 46%. The remaining 68,000 include second-tier state-owned, foreign-owned and private chain and scattered gas stations. In many areas, gas stations are large in scale, and most of them are in densely populated areas, so the safety management of gas stations is particularly important. Cell Phone Jammer For Home Ebay The signal transmission can be restricted to a large extent. cell phone jammer Many people are skeptical. Although many experts said that the electromagnetic wave energy produced by mobile phones is relatively small, as an electronic device, there are still unpredictable risks. "This involves the management concept of gas stations. At present, developed countries have basically reached a consensus that they do not advocate calling in gas stations, but they are not allowed to make calls. Because they mainly rely on self-service refueling, this is inherently risky and uncertain. It does not rule out that there may be some accidents.

Mobile phones are electronic devices. In addition to signal transmitters and receivers, there are other devices. Motors, lithium batteries and other components may generate electric sparks. No one can guarantee that these will never cause a fire. Electric sparks are likely to be generated. However, mobile phones are much less dangerous than the static electricity on the parts of cars and people. Up to now, there has not been a verified gas station fire and explosion accident caused by mobile phone radio frequency sparks in the world. This depends more on the safety management level of the gas station. "From my point of view, this issue is more complicated, and Cell Phone Jammer For Home Ebay should be used to a large extent in gas stations to cover a large area. Because the safety management level of different gas stations in China is different, some do When it comes to intrinsic safety, some have not fully achieved it. The intrinsic safety construction of anti-static and explosion-proof facilities and equipment of these gas stations has not been done well, or there are loopholes, and they are mixed in safe gas stations. The safety supervision and management department has to take the poorer ones. The gas station is a sample to manage all gas stations in order to be'safe to fail'." "Therefore, considering factors such as market conditions and safety management status, it is recommended that the use of mobile phones is prohibited at the gas station."