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Cell Phone Blocker Legal In School

Petre Florent 2021-10-24

Mobile phone signal jammers that were originally used in examination rooms to prevent candidates from cheating or used to interfere with signals in movie theaters are now used in the stores of second-hand housing intermediary companies. The reporter recently investigated in the market and found that since the announcement of the second round of the new regulation and control policy at the end of last month, Cell Phone Blocker Legal In School was regarded as an important equipment to prevent customers from being "piked" by peers when signing a contract. Office supplies "must have" for real estate agents. This shows that in the light market, the competition between intermediary companies for customers has become fierce. "It used to be that each store decides whether to install a mobile phone jammer based on the market conditions of other intermediary companies nearby. Now it is the company's unified regulation that customers must turn on the signal jammer when signing a contract." A large intermediary company market with more than 100 stores The relevant person in charge of the department recently revealed to reporters that his company has just purchased more than 30 mobile phone jammers in batches to ensure that the machine is one in each store. cell phone jammer

In addition to this company, the reporter found that intermediary companies of all sizes in Beijing have almost universalized Cell Phone Blocker Legal In School , and this secret weapon has even become an essential office supply like telephones and computers. "Whoever doesn't turn on the mobile phone jammer, causing customers to be taken away by other companies, the company will have to punish him heavily!" A regional manager of an intermediary company told reporters. After searching on Taobao, the reporter found that the price of mobile phone signal jammers ranges from two to three hundred to five to six hundred according to the size of the power. The mobile phone signal jammer store has sold 15 mobile phone jammers in the past four days, and the owner of the store told reporters that the buyer Bacheng is a real estate agency. A customer service staff of a mobile jammer manufacturer who did not want to be named told reporters that Beijing's large real estate intermediary companies are all customers of the manufacturer, and their shipments have increased by as much as 40% over the previous period.