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Mobile jammers provide the most powerful fight against cheating

Perfectjammer 2021-05-19

cell phone jammer

With the development and application of high technology, cheating using radio equipment often occurs in large-scale exams, and cheating methods are becoming more and more advanced, which greatly affects the fairness of the exam. Preventing and combating cheating in exams using radio equipment has become an increasingly important task for radio management. The phenomenon of some criminals using radio equipment to cheat on exams is also quite rampant.

Every year in our country, there are about 100 examination time periods including the national unified examination and the qualification examination. Driven by interests, numerous examination cheating methods have emerged, and the use of radio communication as the main cheating method has become a cheating channel for criminals. , Common cheating tools in examination rooms include mobile phones, walkie-talkies, cheating headsets, electronic erasers, pens, watches, etc.

Analysis of the form of anti-radio cheating in the examination room: The existing examination room shielding methods are relatively simple and rough, and cannot achieve precise and rapid strikes. With the rapid development of radio technology, conventional wireless voltage system equipment can no longer fully meet and adapt to the needs of anti-exam cheating. It is easier to realize the interference of the audio signal by the radio interference equipment, and it is also easy to observe or feel the interference effect, but the interference effect on the digital signal cannot be confirmed in time. Due to the different modulation methods of digital signals, using a fixed modulation signal to eliminate interference may not be ideal. At the same time, digital transmission can easily change channels, which also brings difficulties to active interference.

Traditional mobile cell phone jammer products are difficult to achieve the desired effect of shielding low-frequency signals, and some low-frequency signals cannot be effectively suppressed and blocked by the original shielding means; this puts forward higher technical requirements for radio jamming equipment. Fortunately, there is a method that can automatically monitor and distinguish suspicious signals (analog or digital) and their characteristics, and use effective signal interference means to block them, so as to achieve the best possible prevention effect. In particular, the processing and prevention of cheating methods using low-frequency signals is a domestic technical difficulty.

After nearly 8 years of research and development and experimentation, perfectjammer has decrypted the leading electronic countermeasure technology in the dedicated field, and successfully developed the "perfectjammer radio monitoring and blocking system" (examination room low-frequency suppression system) and a smart public network signal control system (smart phone signal interference It greatly reduces the production cost of low-frequency radio detection and blocking equipment, and the technical content, practicability, accuracy and reliability of the product are far superior to similar products. The perfectjammer radio monitoring and blocking system (examination room low-frequency suppression system) And the smart public network signal control system (smartphone jammer) was officially put into the market in August 2016, providing a more powerful guarantee for the domestic examination room anti-cheating cause.

perfectjammer radio monitoring blocking system (examination room low frequency suppression system) (click to view details):

The main functions of the product:

(1) The electromagnetic environment panoramic monitoring function: it can monitor the signals in the designated frequency band in the 1350MHz frequency band;
(2) Key channel monitoring function: able to monitor the signal activity of key channels;
(3) Parameter measurement function: It has the function of measuring and analyzing the parameters of the narrowband fixed-frequency signal in the working frequency band to obtain detailed signal parameters;
(4) Over-standard signal early warning function: it can detect over-standard signals according to the set conditions (set background, threshold, channel);
(5) Demodulation function: It has the demodulation function for AM and FM signals;
(6) Recording function: It has the function of recording the received voice signal;
(7) Control function
(7.1) Manual guidance control function: During the work process, the operator can select targets to implement control in the 1350MHz frequency band according to the monitoring results;
(7.2) Multi-target control function: the system has instantaneous multi-target control functions and multi-target time-sharing control functions; analog FM broadcast and walkie-talkie analog FM signal insertion function: it can insert analog FM broadcast signals and walkie-talkie analog FM signals.

Smart public network signal management and control system (smart phone jammer) (click to view details)

Product advantages: Different from the working principle of traditional mobile phone jammers, the system adopts cutting-edge new technology, and the shielding effect is better and more accurate. The system has achieved rapid blocking and point-to-point blocking of all mobile phone signals (2G, 3G, 4G) on the public network, and the shielding effect is more than 10 times that of traditional mobile phone signal jammers; the system has a wide range of control and a long control distance. A large prison with 8-10 units can be completely shielded; the system can be intelligently adjusted and managed and deployed through software; the system has the ability to self-adjust and can adjust the output power according to the changes in the field strength of the mobile phone signal. If the mobile phone signal is strong, the output power will be strong. , Tracking and fully locking the mobile phone signal to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the blocking and shielding effect: Compared with traditional mobile phone jammers, the system is flexible to install, and basically does not need to refer to the mobile phone signal strength in the venue. It is self-adaptive and automatically collects the venue. The signal strength value of the mobile phone inside is analyzed and processed, and the blocking signal is intelligently output; the output method used by the traditional jammer is to simulate the interference clutter of the corresponding frequency band. In fact, it is a passive disturbance to the mobile phone signal and requires the output frequency of the device. It must be accurate and non-offset, and when there are signal towers around the prison, it is extremely difficult to achieve accurate shielding. It must be coordinated with point-frequency machines, single-module machines and other equipment, which results in high shielding costs and difficult maintenance and management.

The output mode of the system is completely intelligent, locking the mobile phone signal source, real-time control, and the number of equipment is small, which is easy to manage.

The system is installed at a high point of the building, and there is no possibility of damage; the equipment is simple to install and can work when power is on, the number of equipment is small, the construction is fast, the installation cycle is extremely short, and it is easy to maintain and manage.

The system adopts new technology to achieve green shielding output, and the output effect of the whole machine is increased by 10-100 times, but the radiation is extremely weak, and the radiation value is less than one thousandth of the traditional mobile phone jammer equipment, and there is almost no harm to the human body.

The status, power and frequency of the mobile phone jammer can be controlled through computer software. If someone illegally damages the mobile phone signal jammer, it will immediately report to the central computer to notify it for timely maintenance. Perfectjammer High-Tech Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of innovative technology and people-oriented. Customer satisfaction is our big satisfaction. Perfectjammer will continue to use technology, high-quality products, excellent reputation, perfect service, prudent attitude and full enthusiasm. To dedicate customers, benefit the society, and strive to contribute important forces to social security, education, examination, and investigation.

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