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Scope of action of signal interference equipment

Perfectjammer 2019-10-23

gps jamming

Jamming and interference, whether intentional or unintentional, can seriously degrade GPS position, navigation and time availability—even to the point of total solution denial. GPS jammer create excessive noise, overpowering the low power GPS signals and saturating the electronics in a GPS receiver front end.

Reactive jamming uses a receiver to scan a frequency range to detect signal activity. Upon detection of an active signal the jammer focuses its transmission power directly on the active signal’s frequency. This power-sharing technique allows the jammer to bring the maximum amount of power on target at any one time.

The work is currently underway to develop an aircraft equipped with jamming systems that will replace Il-22PP Porubshchik [electronic warfare aircraft], which are currently being delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces

The AN/ALQ-144 IR countermeasures set is an always-on infrared jammer, providing protection against infrared missiles over a wide environmental range. There are multiple configurations available to complement small- to medium-signature helicopters. 

The first Next Generation signal jammer Mid-Band (NGJ-MB) engineering development model pod delivered to the Navy is fit checked on an EA-18G Growler in September. The fit check verifies the pod securely attaches to the Growler in preparation for flight tests scheduled to begin later this year. Airborne Electronic Attack program office (PMA-234) is carrying out testing of the NGJ-MB. NGJ-MB is a high-capacity and power airborne electronic attack weapon system for the Growler designed to protect air forces by denying, degrading and disrupting threat radars and communication devices. (U.S. Navy photo)

Drone jammers or anti-drones are a relatively new technology designed to disconnect drones from their ground-based operator’s remote controls. This prevents control of the drone and, of course, causes the drone to crash once physics takes over.

That’s a complicated question. Federally, there are no laws against owning and operating a drone jammer on your own property or to prevent unwanted surveillance from other citizens. However, many states, counties, and municipalities outlaw the possession of drone jammers. Once more, these laws are always changing and extremely complicated and impractical for everyday considerations.

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