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GPS jammers have a great impact on our lives

Perfectjammer 2020-08-20

GPS jammers have a great impact on our lives

We know that GPS jammers will interfere with GPS signals. Therefore, for some GPS trackers, GPS complaints may play a countervailing role. Therefore, we can use GPS jammers to protect our privacy and prevent them from being noticed. However, GPS jammers may also be used inappropriately. To avoid the company's overflow monitoring, taxi drivers can install GPS jammers on their cars.

According to reports, the reporter reported on a taxi in Tongnan and found that when the vehicle was driving towards Hebin Road, the driver suddenly took out a small tool similar to MP3 from the storage box of the vehicle and put it in. In the cigarette lighter, the driver told reporters that this is the purpose of GPS Jammer to shield GPS signals. The company's surveillance platform can only see where the car is, but the speed is zero. He also told reporters that the interference was mainly due to the company's own speed control and escape. Many taxi drivers did this. If the traffic conditions are good or the driver is walking for a long distance, the driver will bring the signal jammer into the car. Inside. Use a signal jammer to block the GPS monitoring system, so that the GPS positioning system can only display the location of the vehicle and cannot monitor its actual speed. Therefore, since the car gps jammer may be small, it is difficult to find.

A major issue is the prisoner’s ability to contact witnesses before an upcoming hearing, trial or appeal. By comparing the innocence defense or correcting the conflict in the testimony, the defendant can downgrade or dismiss the charges completely. The most worrying problem facing corrections is undiscovered cell phones, which prisoners use to warn other prisoners of raids, which may confiscate cell phones, knives, drugs, syringes and other contraband. These smuggled goods may pose a life-threatening situation to correctional personnel and medical personnel working in one of the worst and insidious work environments.

As of press time, the joint inspection team has thoroughly inspected the four test centers, "We will monitor the test equipment at six test sites in the city, and conduct detailed inspections of the GSM jammer lines to ensure that they can operate normally." Market law enforcement Liang Yuping, director and director of the Quality Supervision Bureau. "No obvious abnormalities were found." Liang Yuping said that until June 6, the joint inspection team will return to six test sites for review, "because some equipment investigation centers are now in place, and a lack of verification has also been prevented." Liang Yuping said.

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