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Can cell phone jammers really affect health?

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Last year, mobile phone jammers with signal jamming functions were installed in many examination halls as a technical means to prevent cheating by exam administrators in various regions. However, on May 24, an article titled "the founder of mobile phone blockers claims that cell phone jammer are harmful to people" was widely reprinted by the media.

In response, the ministry of education said yesterday that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim. According to their investigation, the tsinghua expert who made the claim in the media is not a tsinghua university employee. The ministry also said that although the ministry of education no mandate to test whether to use phone immobilizer, but mobile phone shielding device is the best means to prevent widespread fraud, had issued a about the safety of schools use phone immobilizer, recent will introduce another about using the instrument to the guidance of 0.

Is it true that cell phone screens are harmful to the human body?

Ministry of education student division expresses concerned person in charge, mobile phone shielding implement is harmful to human body, cannot say generally harmful harmless, radiation has a relation with distance, far away effect is very small, pressing ear effect is very big.

On the phone screen, the reporter also interviewed the development and sales of mobile phone screen has been 4 years of a Beijing digital technology co., LTD. Mr. Song.

The harm that mobile phone shield causes and mobile phone are same, I touch this thing everyday also do not have so big reaction." Mr Song, who makes and sells mobile phone screens, answered questions.

Mr Song, who has been developing and selling such products, has some knowledge of how mobile phone screens work. "now we use mobile phones with an electronic power value of 2 watts, but the power of mobile phone screens is less than 2 watts," he said. "if there is such a big response, who would dare to use a mobile phone?"

According to Mr. Song, at present, mobile phone blockers for civilian use in Beijing are almost the same, and their power is almost the same as that of mobile phones. Moreover, our products were voluntarily sent to the ministry of public security for testing before promotion, and no abnormality was found.

In addition, the phone blockers have been introduced in 136 cinemas in Beijing, 70 percent of which have been installed, and no discomfort has occurred in the areas covered.