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How To Remove Block From Cell Phone

Zel Gene 2021-10-26

On March 14 this year, this office received a report from the Changsha branch of China Mobile that in the southeast area of ​​the base station in Changsha City, since late January 2018, someone had installed How To Remove Block From Cell Phone privately, and users frequently complained that the quality of mobile communication signals was poor and they could not make normal calls. Telephone and area data traffic was severely lost, causing serious interference to public mobile communications. Coordination and communication have not been eliminated for many times. The radio management department is requested to assist in the investigation and file a case for investigation. After accepting the case, the Changsha Municipal Radio Management Department immediately organized the municipal radio monitoring station to conduct electromagnetic environment testing around the complaint area, identify the units involved, save the evidence, summon the parties involved in the case in accordance with the law, make a transcript of the on-site investigation, and seize 4 mobile phone signal jammers , And issued the "Notice of Ordering Correction." After nearly 10 days of investigation and evidence collection, it was verified that the Hunan branch of an automobile service company in Zhejiang Province illegally installed and used mobile phone signal jammers in the leased and stored vehicle warehouse for the company’s benefit to cause serious interference with the public’s mobile communications. The facts were confessed, and corresponding punishments were imposed in accordance with the law. cell phone jammer

It is illegal to set and use How To Remove Block From Cell Phone without permission. Liu Xinmin, a law enforcement staff member of the Radio Management Office of Changsha City Economic and Information Commission, said that in recent years, some units and individuals have used mobile phone jammers at will, which has seriously affected the normal development of radio services. , And most of the equipment used are three-no products, various professional title examinations, related companies use mobile phone jammers, and personal use of mobile phone signal amplifiers will also interfere with normal radio business communications. "Illegal use of mobile phone signal jammers has seriously affected the normal mobile phone business of ordinary people." According to the project leader of Changsha Mobile Network Optimization Center, Ren Zhong, Changsha Mobile accepted user complaints in 2017 and handled more than 30 cases of illegal private settings and use of mobile phones. Jammers, the school has reached more than 500 times. Liu Xinmin stated that no unit or individual may use radio frequencies without authorization, and shall not cause harmful interference to radio services carried out in accordance with the law. The use of radio frequencies should be licensed. At the same time, when setting up and using a radio station (station), you should apply to the radio management agency for a radio station license. In the next step, law enforcement will be strengthened to investigate and deal with such violations.