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Automobile Gps Jammer

Huard Antoine 2021-10-7

GPS signal jammers may be unfamiliar to many people. Think about it, they are all scenes that will only appear in spy warfare movies. How can we encounter them? In fact, Automobile Gps Jammer The frequency used now is already very high, folk Lending companies are highly dependent on GPS signal jammers. Why do you say that? Because private lending companies generally mortgage real estate and cars. Real estate is fixed and can’t run there, but cars are movable items after all. In addition to the pledge, the mortgaged items are free to control, but there may be old people. Therefore, it is necessary to install a GPS positioning and tracking system on the car to prevent the car from leaving the mortgage company’s sight. However, some cars need to be released. Go to the designated area of ​​the loan company to keep the car on your behalf. At this time, a GPS jammer is needed in order to prevent the collateral from being found by the lender. So, gps jammer How to block the GPS signal, that is, how to make a GPS signal jammer? First of all, you need to find a professional GPS signal jammer manufacturer to choose a product that suits you.

So, there are so many Automobile Gps Jammers on the market. There are handheld and plug-in ones. Which one should I choose or which is better? Let’s talk about the handheld ones first. They are more convenient to carry and have a smaller appearance. And the standby time is relatively long. However, the space range of the handheld GPS signal jammer is relatively close, and it cannot be used stably during the driving of the vehicle. It is also more suitable for small cars. The standby time generally only lasts within one hour. . Next, let’s take a look at the plug-in. Plug-in GPS signal jammers are generally metal shells with seven or eight antennas outside. This GPS jammer can be directly plugged into the point when it is used in the car. Above the cigarette holder, when used in the underground garage, you can directly plug in the power source. However, the plug-in GPS jammer is not easy to place because of its large size, but the GPS signal shielding effect is better than the handheld GPS signal jammer. Electric GPS jammers can shield a larger space range and are currently more popular.