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Cell phone jammers prohibit small interrupted connections

Perfectjammer 2020-12-14

Human stupidity, or its unconsciousness, has no limits, and the British government knows it well. Realizing that some mobile phones have infiltrated the country’s prisons, the British executive decided to use cell phone jammer to prohibit small terminals in the form of luxury car keys (Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, etc.). As shown in the picture above, a very small phone was brought into the reform institute through subtle techniques. Obviously, only the rogue has a secret. Indeed, these evil gangsters hide their devices in their rectums, which are so precious in the prison environment. We don’t know if the government is willing to fight this practice, which is obviously unsanitary.

These Chinese-made mobile phone jammers sell for about 70 euros on eBay, and the battery life is usually good. Therefore, this choice and the size of the terminal will naturally arouse the interest of prisoners, who are eager to keep in touch with the outside world. This inevitably reminds people of the story of this 19-year-old Brazilian girl who decided to swallow her smartphone (apparently Samsung) instead of responding to repeated requests from her boyfriend who wanted to read his text messages. Rest assured, the girl was taken to the hospital immediately, and they were able to remove the end from her stomach. However, we were not told whether his couple were saved...