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Some common bad driving habits

Perfectjammer 2020-05-20

some common driving habits

When driving normally, we have more or less bad driving habits. So what are the common bad habits of using cars?

1. Do not check after locking the door

Because the wifi jammer will interfere with the owner's remote control and lock the car, the owners should try to use the car key when locking the car. Do not use the remote control. After locking the door, use the hand to see if it is locked.

2. Long time half linkage

In the semi-interlocked state, the clutch discs will wear out abnormally, and long-term semi-interlocking will accelerate the clutch wear. Therefore, the car mainly develops good driving habits, and the left foot should leave the pedal when not using the clutch. Even when the clutch is to be used, the time in the half-linked state should be shortened as much as possible.

  3. Pull the hand brake to drive

Pulling the brake to drive is one of the most worn brake shoes. If you find that the handbrake is not used when driving, it is best to get off the car and check it. According to the degree of wear of the brake parts, repair or replace if necessary.

4. Driving staring at the dashboard

Many novices always stare at the tachometer on the dashboard when driving, and every time they change gears, they must always decide to increase or decrease the gear according to the speed on the tachometer. In fact, this driving method is easy to cause unresponsive to the outside world. And an accident occurred. Therefore, novices should learn the basic skills of "listening to shifts" while driving. The engine sound must be increased and the sound should be lowered.

5. Shifting too quickly

Compared with the inaccurate gear shift, too fast gear shift is more likely to cause damage to the car. Some anxious car owners are busy shifting gears when they are not stepping on the clutch. This not only makes it difficult to accurately engage the gears, but also the long-term operation is a fatal injury to the automobile gearbox.

6. Frequent "flashing" lights destroy contacts

Flashing lights is a kind of light language that many car owners use when driving, but frequent flashing lights will increase the burden on the combination switch. Because when the switch is turned on, the current through the switch contact is much higher than usual. If the fire is triggered in the half-engaged and half-separated state, the spark may burn the contact.

7.Do n’t concentrate on your phone while driving

Many people always think that their driving skills are very professional, and they always play mobile phones while driving. Most traffic accidents are slowly accumulated in this way, so it is very necessary to have a portable jammer on the car. This will add a lot to the safety of your life. I know a online store is very good, specializes in buying a variety of jammers, if you need it, you can take a look.

8. Forced jet to hold back the bad water pump

Forcible jets mostly exist in winter, because the wiper nozzles of winter wipers are often frozen. Some owners turn on the wipers as soon as they get in. If the wiper can't get out of the water, they will forcibly spray glass water, and the pump may be held down for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner can wait for the vehicle to start in winter, the temperature of the vehicle comes up, and then spray the water after the frozen sprinkler ices up.

9. The steering wheel rotation angle is too large

This was also mentioned in the previous article. The reason why you do n’t turn too much is because the bigger the steering wheel is, the higher the boost pressure will be. If the steering wheel is often killed, the booster pump will be under high pressure for a long time, which will accelerate the speed of damage of the booster pump.

10. The audio volume in the car is too loud

Good audio facilities and your favorite music can further suppress the mental state of fatigue, and can further adjust the better mental state. But some riders, especially some young riders, like to turn the sound loudly, which will be counterproductive.

11. Always use high beam

The night high beams are turned on all the way to the end, which can be said to be the most annoying of most drivers.

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