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The Unknown Side Of GPS Jammers

Perfectjammer 2020-06-10

unknown side gps jammers

In China’s Zhongguancun online GPS channel, we previously reported on the hidden functions of the 9 major GPS. Today we will talk about 6 things you don’t know about the GPS jammer. Because of the recent use ofGPS jammers in North Korea, such products have frequently appeared in major media, so what does this thing do, and what are we not aware of?

1. First of all, the use of GPS jammers is illegal in the United States, but it is also restricted in Europe. It is unclear whether there are relevant laws in other countries.

2. This GPS jammer is easy to order online, with functions such as protecting personal privacy and preventing others from tracking. The minimum online price is only 33 US dollars (about 216 yuan).

3. Some people say that gps jammer are harmful to social security, and in some processing plants, these restricted-use products flow out, so they can be easily purchased online, and these products are not produced to flow to the market.

4. Some people think that these products are beneficial and should have the right to buy them. For example, some VIP characters can use these products to prevent illegal tracking.

5. The transportation industry often uses GPS trackers for tracking and deployment, while GPS jammers can prevent the boss from monitoring their work.

6. For criminals, car theft can interfere with tracking; criminals monitored by GPS handcuffs abroad can also interfere with tracking through products.

Overall, because the broadcast signal power of the GPS system is very small, some normal power supply equipment can support the work of the GPS jammer without the need to increase the power. The vast majority of people actually do not need to use this kind of product, because the small jammer can not only shield the tracking devices around you, but also shield the people around you from using GPS positioning products, and then how many people will be caught. What about tracking?

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