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Mobile jammer can distinguish work and private time

Perfectjammer 2020-12-18

For three days without a mobile phone (from February 6th to 8th), meet stubborn people who are resistant to mobile devices, who live without phones and live their own lifestyle. They are called Paul, Cécile or Julia. They are executives, lawyers or students. They are of different ages and come from different backgrounds. However, they all made the same choice: they can live without a mobile phone. Since Deloitte conducted a study on the use of French people and their laptops, this has been a trivial decision. 77% of us own "smart phones", compared with 70% last year. However, despite the increasing addiction to smartphones, there are still some people who continue to resist the alerts of new technologies or have come back.

A "political choice" For Paul, 51, not having a smartphone is a guarantee of freedom: "I am not anti-technology, I am still a long way from it" provides this framework so that he can love his two sons Playing surfing or playing video games. , 8 years old, Louis 10 years old. ``But I never liked the idea of ​​being able to arrive anytime, anywhere. Not having a mobile phone is almost a political choice. Today, we can follow you. , Archive searches, target ads based on your profile... call me a paranoid or murderer, but this sounds a lot like mass surveillance. "

Many anti-cell phones have a suspicious appearance. In a 2016 study conducted by sociologist Bertrand Bergier, 84% of French people without a mobile phone admitted that they refused for privacy reasons. Laptops are both cumbersome and time-consuming, and are also considered a mobile cell phone jammer between professional time and personal time. Paul said: "I need my independence. This is a fixed email. It is more than enough to contact me. I can still choose whether to answer and when to answer. Today is a luxury."

Cecil, when her children arrived, she relaxed: "I read several studies that prove the dangers of electromagnetic waves, especially for children. I am a mother of two children and I don't want to expose them." She is a lawyer for a large insurance company and kept her professional phone number, but cut it off at the end of the day. In addition to smartphones, Cecil and her companions have completely reconsidered their relationship with the screen. "We have spent the whole day in front of the computer, so in the evening, we need to save some money. The only exception is TV. We are movie fans and we can't resist a good DVD." Family mother thinks it is healthier and an isolated lifestyle without regrets: "I may have some ideas, but I feel that we have been paying attention to the screen for two years, and I don’t have more personal laptops, and my headaches are also Reduced, I became more calm."

Eight months ago, Julia broke her phone. It was a tragedy. "I felt completely lost, like I was cut off from the world. I didn't have enough funds to buy it back. Since it was a month before my birthday, I decided to wait and ask about my latest model. "Gift" explains this. The situation of the 19-year-old student in Letters. At the same time, she got an old model from her father, the famous "refrigerator", which only allows you to call and send text messages. "I have nothing to do there. Can't play games, nor hang out on social networks. Because these are unique information, not topics of discussion, we are reluctant to have long discussions, Julia said, and it quickly becomes painful.

At the end of a month, Julia only visits her mobile phone once or twice a day, while the average French visits her mobile phone 26.6 times a day. She said frankly: "Finally, I decided to stay on my old refrigerator, and for my birthday, I asked to go to the concert to see Beyoncé." Nowadays, Julia doesn't even use her old-fashioned model. "Little by little, I completely stopped my phone and lived a very good life. There is no change in my social or student life," she promised, "and casually, there is no package of money that can be paid in full. A few months is one Advantage, it always earns 40 euros. Another good reason to let go of these unnecessary balls is: "Julia concluded.