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Functional characteristics and principles of electronic pound jammer

Perfectjammer 2020-05-25

Electronic scale portable jammer are mainly composed of load-bearing devices, weighing display instruments, weighing sensors (resistance strain type), connectors, limit devices, junction boxes and other components, and optional parts such as printers, large-screen displays, computers and Regulated power supply and other external equipment. The weighed object or truck is placed on the table of the carrier. Under the action of gravity, the gravity is transmitted to the load cell through the carrier. The load-bearing jammer deforms the elastic body of the load cell, and the strain gauge attached to the elastic body The bridge circuit is out of balance and outputs an electrical signal proportional to the weight value, which is amplified by a linear amplifier. Then it is converted into digital signal by A / D, and the weight signal is directly displayed by the microprocessor of the instrument (CPU) after processing the weight signal. After the printer is configured, the weighing data can be printed and recorded. If the computer is configured, the measurement data can be input into the computer management system for comprehensive management. Electronic scales or electronic scales are all used. The basic principle is to use a sensor (force sensor) to convert the gravity of an object into an electrical signal, which is sent to conditioning, A / D, and an arithmetic circuit (MCU), and then converted into a digital display.
Electronic scale wifi jammer features:
1. Wireless remote control, intelligent decoding, easy to use, reliable and easy to use.
2. Two-way adjustment, can be added or subtracted, can be adjusted tonnage, kg.
3. The remote control is compact and can be carried around. It is very convenient to use, very concealed, very safe, and easily escapes any inspection.
4. The performance is stable, and the service life is more than 5 years. It will not have any negative impact on the weighbridge, and the original value will not be changed without pressing the remote control.
5. Three guarantees for the product: refundable, replaceable, 2 years warranty.
6. Wireless remote control can be performed within 200 meters from the electronic scale.
7. High-end accessories, high-precision imported components assembled with high-quality materials and key components.
8. Design optimization, the circuit board design is optimized for most domestic and imported weighbridge products.
9. Applicable to all kinds of electronic scales, such as electronic scales, electronic scales, belt scales, electronic balance.
10. There is no need to install any electronic components or control devices inside the electronic scale, which is simple, convenient and safer.
11. Not limited by location and time (as long as you take a remote control when you buy or sell in a foreign country, no matter who's electronic scale can change the weighing result with just one touch), it is applicable to any manufacturer's electronic scale.

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