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Cell phone jammers to prevent students from distracting in class

Perfectjammer 2020-12-15

Starting from the next school year, French schools will no longer allow the use of "smart phones." The House of Representatives approved a bill submitted on May 14, 2018 regarding the prohibition of the use of mobile phones in schools and universities. French lawmakers support President Macron's campaign promise. The content of Article L. 511-5 of the Education Law is as follows: "Except where the internal regulations clearly authorize the use of telephones under the conditions stipulated by it, the use of telephones in preschool, elementary schools and universities prohibit students from moving mobile phones." This article is the only part of the bill.

The LaRem, MoDem and UDI parties all voted in favor. Although the New Left and the subordinate French group abstained and the Republican Party (LR) voted against it, their "yes" were sufficient to adopt the bill this Thursday. Learners are prohibited from using smartphones, tablets, connected watches, and all other existing or future tools of the same type in nurseries, elementary schools, and universities, but this is expressly authorized for educational purposes and in other places by internal regulations . In these words, the Minister of National Education wants to know "How does an increasingly technological world become an increasingly humanized world?" In my opinion, this is the main problem of our time.

This rejuvenates the discussion about the use of smartphones in schools. For Jean-Michel Blanquer (Jean-Michel Blanquer), "Indulge in screens is harmful. A yard without mobile phones is a yard where children play, discuss, play, and live their childhood." Deputy Representative LaRem Cathy Racon-Bouzon (LaRem Cathy Racon-Bouzon), the Minister of National Education and the reporter of the bill, spoke about the issues related to the use of smartphones in schools: "The reduction in reading and physical exercise , The danger of being violent and pornographic, online stalking, and the impact on the school climate". It took several hours for parents and teachers to agree to install cell phone jammer in the classroom to prevent students from being distracted in class.

The bill passed does not seem to be sufficient to solve the problem of using smartphones in schools and colleges. During the discussion, representatives of some political parties in the Les Republics, such as Patrick Hetzel, pointed this out. He said that the law did not provide for "no supervision and sanctions without enforcement." In response to the proposed shortcomings, Jean-Michel Branquill said that the introduction of this article in education regulations is not enough to make it effective in all institutions. The amendment prohibiting teachers and school staff from using mobile phones has been withdrawn. Jean-Michel Branquier Deputy Pascale Boyer (Pascale Boyer) was interested in the proposal to "organize a week without a screen". He added: "I don't think this is required by law, but fundamentally it is very interesting."