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Ntc Philippines Block Cell Phone

Teves Ricardo 2021-10-22

This year's college entrance examination, Wuhan invested more than 700,000 yuan for the first time to purchase 2,400 mobile phone shielding devices for use in all examination rooms in Wuhan to prevent high-tech cheating. Yesterday, 17 departments in Wuhan City inspected the preparations for the college entrance examination at Yucai High School. The reporter was able to witness the true appearance of the mobile phone jammer in advance. The scientific name of the mobile phone shielding device is "full function Ntc Philippines Block Cell Phone ". The mobile phone jammer can automatically form a wireless signal shielding cover to make the mobile phone in a certain range unavailable, thereby effectively preventing candidates from cheating on the mobile phone. From the appearance, the shielding instrument is about the same size as a book, and it can start to work after a connecting wire is exported and connected to the power source. The operation is very simple. Since the specified installation height is 1.2 to 1.5 meters, the mobile phone shielding device will be hung on the side of the blackboard in the college entrance examination. According to the test staff, these mobile phone shielding devices were purchased from Beijing at a price of 500 yuan each. cell phone jammer

Yesterday morning, the reporter personally tested the effect of Ntc Philippines Block Cell Phone . After the power was turned on, the indicator light was on. In less than one minute, the reporter's mobile phone had no signal. Even when it reached the other end of the classroom, there was still no signal. No matter how to dial, the phone could not be connected. The effect was quite good. This year’s college entrance examination, there are a total of 63 test centers in Wuhan, 2210 test centers. These test centers will all be equipped with mobile phone jammers. The test taker’s rest rooms, test delivery classroom rest areas, and invigilator rest areas will also be installed in each test center. In addition, this year Wuhan City continued to use metal detectors to conduct security checks on candidates. The metal detector has two alarm modes: sound and vibration. Use the sound alarm mode before the start of the test, and use the vibration alarm mode after the start of the test.