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Grenade portable jammer equipment

Perfectjammer 2020-04-30

grenade portable jammer

With the continuous release of radio waves, jammers are also developing rapidly. Many companies are developing the most advanced jammers. The Israeli company Netline Communications Technologies recently developed and announced its new ammunition: the world ’s smallest jammer launcher , For soldiers on the battlefield. The shape of the device is similar to a grenade and is called a portable jammer bag or PJP. Most importantly, PJP aims to block signals from radio proximity rockets, including not only professional radio detonator bombs, but also improvised explosive devices (IED).

There are many buildings, cars and other objects on the battlefield, the safety of which is doubtful. However, if the soldier holds PJP in his hand, he just needs to unplug the safety pin, and then throw the portable Jammer Pack to the suspicious position he wants to fix. The device ’s small size and output power are even good in many cases because it does not interfere with the soldier ’s communication system, and it can transmit PJP around corners or in house windows. He wanted to make sure. The device is also ideal and can be used during the disassembly action because it is difficult and close to the target. Despite its small size, PJP is not as light as you think-1.1 kg. but,

The developers of this portable jammer package must work hard to create this unique device. They use micro solid-state circuit antennas for their products. The shell of the radio frequency interference grenade is covered with rubber to prevent collision, fall and damage. As long as the PJP battery uses its full power within 30 minutes of continuous operation, special heat-absorbing elements can also be used to protect all electronic components of the device from overheating.

This PJP grenade is easy to use: take out the safety pin (like a normal grenade) and fire it in the direction of the object to be fixed. The interference signal sent by the device will block the remote control and detonator of improvised explosive devices and professional radio explosive bombs. In addition, military technicians can program the grenade in advance so that it can block predetermined frequencies, such as enemy radio communications and the frequency bands they use to activate the IED. They can connect the Portable Pack gps blocker to the laptop and get the job done. Due to the silent operation and small size, PJP was found on the battlefield for the enemy. Moreover, if all goes well, soldiers can find the grenade after the battle, reload the grenade, and then use it in the next mission.

As you can see, the technical radio frequencies in the jammer industry are constantly evolving because they are widely used in modern battlefields and conflict areas. Equipment such as portable jammer packages can save lives (hundreds or even thousands) in countries where soldiers are exposed to improvised explosive devices and remote bomb bomb threats. Because they are for military use only, because they are combat ammunition, civilians cannot obtain the latest military technology. However, if you are concerned about the personal safety of terrorist acts you have here or there, you can use a simplified military jammer that is suitable for civilian use.

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