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Cross-use of jammers

Perfectjammer 2020-07-08

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According to the news, President Barack Obama’s team has strict law enforcement tools to prevent mobile phones and other wireless devices from being connected by remote bombs, because President Obama’s fleet landed on Pennsylvania Avenue at the inauguration and used a variety of jammers. Cross-use. Keeping the entire venue free of cell phone signals is an increasingly popular technology. As both government and local agencies are seeking approval to do so, federal agencies are expanding. Police and others say they can prevent terrorists from coordinating attacks to prevent suspects from eroding wireless evidence, simplify arrests and allow prisoners to avoid using contraband.

The pursuit of advanced technology has caused controversy, that is, the scope of breakthroughs should be allowed and whether the value of this strategy as an ordinary criminal strategy exceeds its shortcomings, including the continuous entry of radio frequencies that Americans continue to experience. Driven by the military experience of roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, jammer technology has evolved into bombs for cell phones, garage doors, toy car remote controls, and other devices that emit radio signals. The federal authorities called cheap and adaptive improvisation one of the biggest terrorist threats in the West.

About 200 million people participated in the blasphemy, and there was no special damage along the way. In industrial terms, portable jammer work as follows: they can send a lot of energy, divide the signal into several frequency bands, or generate a certain frequency of overvoltage. In other cases, the device can detect and interrupt suspicious signals called "scan and block". Some private individuals want to dispose of cell phones in restaurants, churches, or theaters, and enter underground cell phone jammers in the United States.

The US military has the ability to shut down communications nationwide and defeat it overseas, including arresting suspects. To counteract explosives, the device can be set to block signals at a distance of 50 to 500 meters. Last month, the FCC approved the proofreaders and conducted a quick test of the jamming technology used in the DC prison last month, citing the “amazing” number of prison applicants across the country. Correction supervisor Devon Brown wrote to federal agencies that prisoners use mobile phones for highly malicious acts, such as intimidating witnesses, coordinating refugees and engaging in criminal activities. "Due to legal challenges, the test is over, but the city will continue to seek permission," said Peter Nicks, district attorney general.

Texas prison officials also made a similar request last fall. The prisoner committed an illegal death sentence, threatening state legislators. South Carolina corrections officials said that her department had not tested the permit in November. Federal officials say that many federal agencies, including the FBI and Secret Service, have the right to use interference equipment or may abandon the US Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Department. According to an anonymous federal official, because he did not have the right to speak on the matter, some important events in the past have been approved, including the opportunity to call the country to visit some foreign dignitaries.

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