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Jammers will create unnecessary problems

Perfectjammer 2020-07-08

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There is no doubt that using a mobile phone will cause problems without problems. For example, make a phone call to places that need to be quiet, such as courts, theaters, temples, and other places. Moreover, using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous and sometimes kills people. Now many people cannot leave the phone. Some people cannot imagine life without a mobile phone. But obviously, many examples tell us that the unreasonable use of mobile phones will cause problems, and this time the jammer can solve this problem.

According to the report of the Indian House of Lords, the use of mobile phones in India increased rapidly in 2009, but it was accompanied by unacceptable public severe diseases. In order to solve this problem, Rajya Sabha, an influential member of the House of Representatives of the Lower House of Representatives, said: "They must be built where and how these portable jammer devices are used without affecting others. He also approved the requirements of the harsh new law to make it successful.

These comments are in response to a request from citizen member Gurjit Singh that it is illegal to wear cell phones at funerals and temples and install cell phone jammers in school buildings to prevent students Call. Singh also hoped that the phone company would use the device to deactivate the phone on the street to avoid traffic accidents, and asked whether the arresting officer made the call during office hours. These measures may be extreme, but at the time they received a lot of support, including India’s best-selling British newspaper The Times of India. Today, in India, it is allowed to use jammers in certain places, such as prisons, temples, etc. In any case, the rational use of mobile phones is our consensus.

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