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European countries use jammers to prevent cheating

Perfectjammer 2018-02-06

Use Jammer to Prevent CheatingThe development of modern mobile technology has made it easier for teenage students to cheat in exams by sending text messages or reading pictures on their mobile phones for cheating purposes. Teachers are often too resistant to cheating on their mobile phones. But a university in Italy has its own way of dealing with people, and using high-tech means to reduce cheating. The school installed a device in the walls of the school classroom. The device can emit jamming signals, and the phone cannot communicate properly. The move is to prevent students from using their mobile phones during exams. This method can effectively prevent students from cheating

The school is called Enrico Tosi, located in northern Italy. The school has come up with a way to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat, thanks largely to military technology. School principals Bonny Tito - Ryan left (Benedetto Di Rienzo) said: "most of the schools are trying to confiscate the students into the exam before the exam's mobile phone, but there are some students don't hand over the phone." Lane left this week testing the performance of the cell phone jammer for the Italian ministry of education. The device, like a box, is called c-guard, developed by experts from the Italian military and defense industries. The device can block cell phone signals within a 262-foot radius.

The device will eventually be installed by Italian authorities throughout Italian schools in an effort to prevent students from using their phones to cheat during exams. Ryan left says the device has been very successful in the testing process. Some schools in Italy now plans to also open this kind of equipment in un-con time, because all day to start the this equipment can make the teachers' normal communication also is interrupted, it will make the teachers are unhappy. 'we'll minimize the impact,' says Mr. Raine. 'schools, for example, should shut down the device at noon.'

The disadvantages of mobile phones on campus

Canada recently a lot of parents are talking about in the school campus "mobile war" : with the popularity of mobile phones, many middle school students have a hand, or their use of mobile phones in class electronic reading text messaging, private, or cotton to show off the campus: exclusive or new features, let the teachers a headache. It has to be said that it is very difficult to prevent students from using mobile phones during class. If you want to really put an end to this phenomenon, it is possible that GSM jamming devices are the only way. It has to be said that it is very difficult to prevent students from using mobile phones in real sense. If you want to really put an end to this phenomenon, it is possible that GSM jamming devices are the only way.

If students don't behave, how will they be punished if they use their cell phones in the classroom? Most Canadian provinces are specified, the teacher has the right to classroom to take coercive measures of "necessary" to maintain the teaching order, some provinces such as Ontario) will be more "student classroom cell phone use" included in the category of "interference teaching order" clearly, Toronto, a high school had a student in the classroom use cell phones to see e-books, phone was confiscated by the teacher, the student protests in the joint was eventually rejected.

But schools also have trouble managing students. The campus of the hardy harbor school on Victoria island in British Columbia has been inundated with students' mobile phones, and the headmaster, gray, has bought a "gsm jammer" on campus. As long as someone is using a cell phone within the monitoring range, the device can quickly interfere with the phone's signal and make the user feel embarrassed by the harsh sound of "please give me your phone". Although mobile phone usage on campus after the device fell by two-thirds, but students quickly to strike and threatening lawsuits, forcing the principal dismantling equipment, to avoid the province education department in order to "interfere with students' legitimate rights and interests," said disciplinary action.

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