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Should Schools Use Jammers?

Perfectjammer 2020-01-08

should schools jammers

SPOKANE, Washington - Frustrated by the ongoing distraction from cell phone texting and calls, a school in Spokane has invested in a device to block the phones from work.

The main reason for this is that students cannot concentrate on their work during class, but spend a large part of their time on cell phones and therefore always look for a tool that can block cell phone signals so that students can focus on their classes can concentrate. The cell phone jammer is a good choice, it can quickly block the phone signal, turn it off when not in use, and the phone can restore the signal.

Spokane spent less than $ 100 buying a cell phone jammer online, and was just completing a three-day trial aimed at frustrating students who write texts during class.

"We just thought it was something we wanted to evaluate," said director John Hook.

The Mead School District works with the FCC to determine if the device is legal before it is used again.

The signal jammer was turned on during class time and turned off during pass times and lunch break.

"We believe there are times during the school day when parents need to have access to students and students have to have access to family members, doctors, and the like," said Hook.

But class time is not one of them. Student guidelines stipulate that students can have cell phones if they are turned off and kept out of sight during class; but not everyone obeyed.

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