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More and more frequency bands will interfere with mobile phones

Perfectjammer 2021-02-03

In many countries in the world, especially in economically developed countries, education is very important, because only good people can provide the country with a steady stream of science and technology, and make greater progress and breakthroughs. Schools in so many countries have installed mobile cell phone jammer, mainly to prevent students from using mobile phones and then abandon their studies. This is not in line with the status quo of talent training policies, so the use of mobile phone jammers in schools is a tacit understanding.

In the past, mobile phone signal jammers could only interfere with the signal. Before the mobile phone only sends signals to the GSM network, GSM mobile phone jammers can only interfere with GSM signals, but with the development of mobile phone jammers, the mobile phone jammer market can interfere with the signals used by mobile phones, including GSM, 3 g, 4 g, 4 g LTE signals, not only that, they can also interfere with GPS, wifi, and Bluetooth signals. As people's needs increase, mobile phone signal jammers will interfere with more and more signals. This design uses multiple antennas to solve this problem.

At the same time, mobile phone radiation is an important issue that people are concerned about today. There are many reports on the Internet about how harmful mobile phone radiation is to the human body, or how mobile phone radiation causes damage, and so on. But people don’t pay much attention to this issue. With the development of smart phones, people’s lives cannot leave the phone. Even if they know that it has radiation, people will not stop using it. People want to reduce radiation more than Avoidance is also inevitable. Cell phone radiation and cell phone signal jammer radiation conducted through experiments will cause signal interference radiation much lower than that of mobile phones.